29 January 2010

from my drafts

i'm reading a "2008 in review" survey i filled out and saved on my computer last year, and found this which i find really funny for some reason:

"32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2008?
east coast prep school attending, coke-loving art teacher grandparents"


last night i went to the hammer to see "smith on smith," patti smith talking about harry smith (of anthology of folk music fame), reading from her new book, and playing music. i got there too close to start time and had to sit in the courtyard and watch it on a screen, but it was still amazing. one thing i've noticed about the hammer is how much their public programs have blown up. it used to be me and maybe fifty old people hanging out in the bing theatre, and now there are hoards of (other) young people all up in my way. meh. i shouldn't be so possessive, awareness is good.

wait can someone tell me wtf is "my life as liz?" i watched the last half of the first episode and it seems like a sitcom shot to look like a reality show, which, admittedly, confuses the hell out of me. what's the point?

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