18 January 2010

weekend report

thursday: went to this weird ucla party with max and geoff, met up with reggie, julie, and dean, drank rum & cokes, pushed my way into several group photos with people i don't know, ate taco bell
friday: saw gza at the echoplex with dmitry, lost my phone, waited for two hours for gza to appear (with rza) and rap a half-assed set, ate half a bacon-wrapped hot dog, almost lost my shoes
saturday: max left for wisconsin again, went to a tunnel dance party with geoff, dmitry, and nick off templin highway, got pretty drunk, listened to bad house music, cheyne got beat up by some townie roid rage asshole, spent way too much time in the car
sunday: woke up super late, stayed the fuck in
monday: more of the same plus cheesecake and rainnnn

a very productive long weekend