07 February 2010

puppy bowl

i've been desperately sick since wednesday and you know what? it sucks. being sick fucking sucks. people call you to kick it and all you can do is sit in bed surrounded by empty mugs of tea and balls of used tissue watching throwdown with bobby flay reruns. but i've discovered how fucking amazing dayquil is and max brings me soup so i guess it could be worse.

WAIT please tell me you guys have seen the commercial for taco bell's "five buck box" featuring charles barkley. he's a shitty actor but there's a painting of him in the background wearing one of those long powdered wigs and it's the funniest thing. also five bucks for a gordita, taco, burrito, cinnamon twist, and a soda? sounds like a whole lotta diarrhea but damn that's cheap

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