01 March 2009

groove is in the heart

i've decided against deleting the previous entry because, aside from some literary high-horsing, it's not that bad.

okay i'm going to take this time to be a total grandma: i love salad bars. i can be supremely indecisive and salad bars allow me to get a little bit of everything - eradicating the whole "should i get this? or this? or maybe this?" internal turmoil that goes on every time i go to a restaurant. the best salad bars: whole foods on lincoln blvd (SO MUCH STUFF. do you really need three olive bars? fuck yeah you do), and mrs. winston's green grocery (small but great quality, plus a sandwich bar so of course i'm down). alright, grandmaing over. or has it just begun? or have i always been a grandma?

answer: the last one, duh

also there's a boy that works at el pollo loco that is really cute in a ricky from american beauty kind of way except he's not creepy and probably doesn't spend his time taping plastic bags blowing in the wind and drug-dealing. or maybe he does deal drugs. i don't know how much el pollo loco pays. and speaking of american beauty, it's ten years old this year. crazy.

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