01 March 2009

no, i don't have a gun

i am thinking about four things:
1. damien hirst's £111 million killing at sotheby's some months back;
2. "come as you are" by nirvana because kyle played it on guitar briefly and got it stuck in my head;
3. henry's beautifully written letter to rob;
4. the first season finale of skins and how lame the ending was.

a few days back, in the poetry section of barnes & noble, some girls were talking about how when they need something trashy to read after reading "serious literature" they read romance or vampire novels (!) and it brought me no small amount of joy when i realized that when i want to read something "trashy" i read bret easton ellis novels. seriously there's no excuse for reading twilight.

by the way i am kind of drunk which means that all of this will probably shame or annoy me in the morning and will thereby be deleted. so to those who catch it before then, enjoy it, for it is (probably) transient at best.

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