02 March 2009

you know you can't roam without caesar

i HATE the new subway commercial. it's like subway high school musical which actually is a comparison i can't make as i've never seen any of the high school musicals not even a clip. i am living a lie.

apparently there's a gang in detroit called "the best friends" and i can't get over how fucking lame that sounds. when you've pissed them off do they not sit with you at lunch and like, take back the friendship bracelet they gave you? i bet it's made entirely of third graders.

OH GUYS i almost got hit by a fucking PERIWINKLE MIATA. speaking of lame that would be the worst way to die. what kills me is that periwinkle is not a factory color which means that that douchebag (or perhaps, the douchebag that owned it before him) went and got it painted that color. i can imagine the guy spraying the car laughing hysterically.

"we go to the movies and we laugh at different jokes..." it's the week of kanye. i'm watching his vh1 storytellers special and it's really good- a string arrangement of "flashing lights" is playing. fuck yeahhhh. and he's got this ducktail/mullet thing going on and a seriously 80s suit complete with white sneakers but of course it's great.

god i bet my best friends gang diss earlier this post is going to get me killed. but there's no way in hell i'd ever go to detroit, no matter how cold it is, so i think i'm good.

oh goddamn it kanye: "i get my quotes from movies 'cause i don't read." oh and "my greatest pain in life is knowing that i will never be able to see me perform."

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