10 February 2009

p.s. i dgaf if you think the godfather is overrated

you know how sometimes you read something and upon repeat readings it proves to be more insightful than perhaps even the author realized? that's kind of how i feel about mark cousins' remark about the godfather triology: "what rembrandt would have made, if he had made movies." i've been thinking about it all day.

i should note that i'm reading a book about movies and i don't even watch them. suck it, richard t. kelly.

this is for mara: a ton of dudez complimented me on my hat today, including this one really nice ~older gentleman~ at the indian food bar at whole foods. venice/santa monica loves the hat, it's official.

oh and ryan and i pretty much figured out that if yogurtland let me smoke inside i'd never leave.

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