09 February 2009

so for the past 20 minutes i've been unintentionally following this guy around barnes & noble. i actually yelled, "fuck!" the last time i turned a corner and he was there. now i'm hiding out in the b&n café hoping he doesn't come over here and confront me. i wish i had handcuffs so i could be like "yeah you're under arrest for tax evasion" or something.

also barnes & noble has a joy divison record in stock and i am sooooo tempted but i don't want to support them slanging vinyl now, you know? but i'm so tempted.

why is it that large groups of azn - read: azn, not asian, there's a big difference - give me a headache? too much squealing, camera flash, taking three years to order caramel machiattos and standing in my way.

so i bought ten bad dates with de niro: a book of alternative movie lists and it's so good.

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