05 January 2011

a bunch of links that i posted on my facebook that my friends dgaf about apparently, part ii

$ "women or wine? monogamy and alcohol" from the american association of wine economist (what) - a paper on the rise of monogamy and the decline of alcohol consumption within polygamous societies.
$ fetuses can't feel pain for at least the first 24 weeks of gestation, so stop feeling so guilty about your abortion
for all my worrying about the current state of art, i am actually pretty excited for this
$ this spoof of kanye's video for monster is pretty good
$ ennio morricone is composing ringtones for lg and i am upset for some reason

$ evening will come, a new poetics journal
$ liked that independent journal you flipped through at barnes & noble but couldn't pay $25 for it? maybe it's at no layout
$ these old people are really pissed off about drive-by photographers at the louvre
$ adam smith is better than barbara ehrenreich and ayn rand but apparently college reading lists don't get down
$ the guardian presents the ten best fictional hangovers

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