06 January 2011

always was, always is, and always will be

i will never get over how bratty gg allin sounds in this song

i know you guys are over all the art shit i post but i have to mention ben davis' short article on the rise of art news and the state of art criticism. I HAVE TO.

geoff and i watched howl last night. my qualms: the animations, the score, how they made it seem like the second part of the poem was the end (still have a soft spot for "carl solomon! i'm with you in rockland where you're madder than i am"), the candles in the bottles of chianti during the cafe scenes (SO BEAT), how every other scene seemed to be a recreation of a pre-existing photograph. i suggest you just read the poem, watch a ginsberg interview on youtube, and listen to miles davis' kind of blue. it'll be infinitely more rewarding than watching that movie.

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