18 December 2010

doesn't matter much to me as long as it's dead

i just realized that i missed the FREE off!, oh sees, and nobunny show at the strange last night. why? i was asleep. ASLEEP. whenever i sleep over at my friend's house we end up sleeping forever. it's the weirdest thing. i don't usually sleep that much but when i'm there it's like i took a bunch of xanax and the only things i can do are lie down, peel tangerines, and turn records over. i never know what time or day of the week it is this and the next thing i know kurt is cooking the healthiest thing i've eaten all week and i'm swigging white wine from the bottle and mid-swig catch the time on the microwave clock to learn that holy shit, it's fucking 3 in the morning two days later and i've wasted my entire early weekend being a house cat. i did go out once yesterday morning, though - 7:30, to buy cigarettes. i immediately felt ridiculous when i noticed that, while i was pretending to be horrified by kurt imitating the crow's walk from looney tunes and getting piggy back rides, there were kids out in uniform walking to school. few things make me feel as terrible as being outside and drunk while people are heading to school or work. it's like i'm cheating or something.

before hibernating i went to see a bunch of films inspired by the leonard cohen album new skin for the old ceremony. they were pretty cool as a whole but my favorite was for "lover lover lover." i don't think the video exists on the internet yet (i know right) so you'll just have to trust that it was good.

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