17 October 2010

this weekend

ya done snooked

bonding moments, the 76 bus, chinatown bars, perfect cups of tea, peeing on the side of an alhambra 7-eleven, the ice cream only diet, burberry trench coats, gas moné, tacos al pastor, vintage store bedrooms, molester slow rolls, inadequate sleep, drag me to hell, being tackled while cradling a 40 oz., the awesometown food truck festival, greek salad-thieving pugs, "what do you do with your friends?" "...i don't have any friends," waiting in line for two hours for kimchi pork belly sweet potato french fries and vegan chili cheese fries, a free 4x6 portrait (thx walgreen's), the new issue of esquire, usc parties, meeting the cat love of my life - twice, "that fat russian sno-cone," they reminisce over you (bridgeport marketplace bristol farms), a brooklyn russell brand, misting, starburst candy for breakfast, camel 99s because they're always on sale, snoop dogg posters, my first dog attack I WANT TO SLEEP FOREVER

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