18 October 2010

also, two dreams i somehow had this weekend

1. i was hanging out with some friends outside of grand central market downtown. a few stores down there was some kind of red carpet event happening. we moved closer and xena (or spencer or someone, i can't exactly remember) tackled me and i fell into snoop dogg's leg, who was at the time posing for a photo with p. diddy. he scowled at me but for some reason i still leaned onto his leg and my friends started to chant "snoop dogg" (à la "i wanna rock").

2. wandering around some office building off of wilshire and westwood blvds, i walked into a room which happened to be a dentist's office and met slavoj žižek, who was pacing the floor while waiting for his appointment. we went out into the hallway and i told him that i was currently reading living in the end times and asked him questions about the puppet and the dwarf. his wife came out to remind him about his appointment and i return to the waiting room i guess i was hanging out in earlier in the dream (?) to find a piece of paper with my name, žižek's number, and his name on the top of a file cabinet. the rest of the dream is kind of fuzzy - we start having an affair somehow and i go over to his house in west l.a. a lot (the fuck) and eventually his wife catches him cheating. there was more of the dream after that but i can't remember it.

cool dreams bro

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