01 September 2010

that's what christmas means to me

today i was told that, basically, the essence of my sexual appeal (lol what) is that i am "nerdy and condescending," which makes me think of what another guy would occasionally tell me, which is that i was "reserved and understated" and that he found my coldness to be attractive, and reflecting upon those two opinions make me think of something jung said in man and his symbols: "we may think we have ourselves under control; yet a friend can easily tell us things about ourselves of which we have no knowledge." well, fuck, apparrrrrrently.

anyway i was looking for lined post-it notes in one of my desk drawers and started looking through some old journals. some choice cuts:

"later, when we were leaving, he said, 'i love that we both see the sadness in things because there's so much of it.' lol what are in american beauty right now?"

"i would love to be a judge on iron chef america. also how fucked up would it be if the secret ingredient one day was salt?"

"life lesson: when people start railing lines of xanax, that's when you know it's time to leave."

"ALSO P.S. i'm on ambien"

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