07 September 2010

on tuesday morning, i want the same

this weekend was pretty good - walking around downtown eating shitty chinese food, drinking beer & doing documentary stuff with cris and esai, making an old latino guy on the bus cry because he was in love with me, drinking in(ish) someone's rooftop pool watching celebratory fireworks from dodger stadium, watching party monster and party monster-related shit at gia's, somehow always being low on cigarettes, drunken night walks in venice, lobster for dinner, reading reading reading, demanding donuts at midnight. yesterday i didn't do too much, and today i ate a chili burger in the cemetery and was yelled at by some guy in a teal mini-van for ruining his graveyard cat photo-op.

uh also i know that last week i was all "boo hoo summer's gone" but OH MY GOD los angeles was so wonderfully gloomy today. be like this forever, i need to know what rain is again

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