17 July 2010

fuck your peppers

last night i met up with gia, cris, and some of his friends at vlad the retailer to watch cute japanese performance art and eat chocolate teddy grahams and drink simpler times. it was awesome. apparently someone pulled out a gun at the ukranian culture center across the street, causing tons of teens to run outside to stand around calling their dads and bum cigarettes - "i'm so eighteen." after standing around outside of vlad's talking about art and girls for too long we left. some random girl who i'd very briefly discussed four loko with earlier in the night decided to tag along even though none of us knew her. everytime she was out of earshot one of us would go, "whooooooo is she?" and everyone else would shrug but i guess we were all too drunk to actually do anything about it because she went with us to get more beer and potstickers from the korean market and sit around cris' studio. this morning cris, gia, and i got breakfast at angel'z cafe (lol) where gia drank maple syrup and afterward cris gave us a mini bukowski landmark tour. then gia went to work and cris & i drove back across the city and now i'm home and exhausted and hungry but pretty fucking happy

also i'm reading ralph waldo emerson: selected journals 1820-1842 and it's really interesting

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