19 July 2010

"the cheese drip is the best part"

reigning question of the past week, no contest: "is there a bar?" i've asked/been asked this question so many times that it might as well be a text message signature for me and a number of my friends. basically at night i stand around somewhere (art galleries, random apartments, a sidewalk) with a can of cheap beer in my hand, texting geoff every three seconds and going on about whatever, and during the day i read. i started reading a bunch of things all of a sudden. i'm still plodding along with the wealth of nations, plus the best of the world's classics: continental europe ii edited by henry cabot lodge (a copy from 1909 that i apparently got for 35 cents a long time ago), ralph waldo emerson's journals, a short history of cahiers du cinema by emilie bickerton, and some baudelaire for good measure. yeee.

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