01 April 2009

ol' 55

so i saw splendor in the grass. natalie woods' acting was awful and because of this it was hard to sit through at times. somehow discounting a terrible lead acting job, i liked the movie overall. also it was chosen by artist charlie white, whose book american minor i recently purchased, whose works i recently saw at the hammer, and who was there, sitting in the row behind me. i really wanted to say something to him but by the time the film was over i had forgotten what he looked like and didn't want to just yell "WHICH OF YOU IS CHARLIE WHITE?" into a crowd of people and look foolish.

right now i'm sitting in mara's dorm, post-adult swim viewing of the room and chinese food and candy pig-out with mara and alex. it was censored as fuck but i think we're going to see it at the sunset five on the twenty-ninth. i went with ian last year and having experienced it both with and without a crowd, i'd have to say that the former is the better option.

so, it's three in the morning so i'm going to eat a few more chocolate coins and go to bed. oh man i can hear someone taking photobooth pictures. lol college.

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