06 April 2009

c'est marveilleux

i had a really good weekend. basically i am completely fucking ruining my liver and hanging out with too many dudes that are perpetually playing guitar but i've been having an awesome time. i went to cal arts thursday night, had a bangin' shabbat dinner and weird/interesting/fun mexiparty experience on friday, went to a party in long beach on saturday, and had the most perfect sunday i've had in a very long time. seriously sunday was the epitome of lazy summer afternoon, aside from the fact that it isn't summer. the ~least chill~ part of it was jake and i having to drive ginni's car back to long beach to retrieve his vest and car keys that actually ended up being on a chair in his room, but i guess technically that was this morning, and it wasn't that bad.

now i'm sitting around listening to edith piaf and wondering what to eat. i'm so down for breakfasty stuff right now. yesterday nick - host of saturday's party and whose house we stayed at for most of sunday - made blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs and it was bomb. he's seriously the best host ever.

edit at 4:33p: oh my god i just remembered: i smoked a cigarette in the nude on nick's back porch at four in the morning. wtf

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