14 April 2009

jake persian deaddad

last night was a good night. i went to see jake's band - maxim ludwig & the santa fe seven - at the mint. they were great - i've never seen or heard them play before so i was completely surprised by their sound. jake also looked cute as hell on stage. i was standing alone being creepy until patrick showed up, thereupon i met some people whose names i forgot and at least one of which were members of jake's old band, the 1921a. afterwards jake, patrick, ginni, nick and i went to patrick's, drank beer, played records and watched snl. i've come to the conclusion that i really don't like saturday night live. it's waaaaaaaaay more miss than hit with me and i end up sitting there wondering if the performers actually think what they're doing is funny. then jake and i had an "american picnic" with some taco bell (!) and he took me home. it sounds kind of dull but there were lots of little really nice moments - and really insightful ones - that made it a good night.

i've noticed that there's been a bit of a flip in the trend of people i've been hanging out with or meeting: few of them smoke weed. whereas a year ago i would have been hard-pressed to find someone that didn't smoke weed, now it seems that they're definitely the minority. i have my theories.

i want every robert frank book. so far i have one hour, pull my daisy, peru, and the americans. i have seven to go. i reallllllllly want storylines.

and, because i enjoy exploiting my friends, dmitry just sent me this text: "OH MY GOD IM IN SOME SUPER SECLUDED STUDY ROOM AT THE LIBRARY AND SOME HOMIE IS PRAYING TO ALLAH, RUG 'N ALL." hahahaha

a couple of other little things:
1. i handle compliments so poorly.
2. i should keep in mind that there are very few things in life that are actually a big deal, and i should act accordingly.

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