05 March 2009

hangin' out, chillin'

okay so i have about three more hours in this place so i'm gonna post. apparently the rihanna-chris brown case is going on today and there are tons of paparazzi and local news celebrities (?) milling about the place. also i learned something about jury duty: waiting in to jury assembly room is akin to the moment right before a school assembly, when people are coming in and they're kind of restless and waiting for someone to speak. but whereas most assemblies are 30 minutes, an hour, tops, jury duty is basically seven hours of that moment suspended except you can listen to your ipod and text your friends without an administrator coming by and confiscating something. it's awful.

anyway last night was AWESOME. okay, not all of it was awesome but most of it was. i came the closest i've ever been to being hit by a car. i was two inches from the dude's car and that's after i jumped back. the most ridiculous part is that i instantly pounded on his car (i do this a lot when cars aren't paying attention while turning) and yelled "suck my dick!" at the top of my lungs. i still can't believe that of all the things to yell, it was that. ug. anyway i made it to ucla alive and met up with mara to give her drugs and candy - and by drugs i mean dayquil and by candy i mean some awesome stuff i bought at cost plus world market. we kicked it and then i went to kerchkoff grand salon to see mika miko and the mae shi. i get there, NO MORE WRISTBANDS. so i stood outside smoking cigarettes and listened to "gangster's paradise" (and ice cube's "it was a good day" which kind of pissed me off because it was delving into "white guys who know five rap songs" territory) courtesy of ucla radio. i start talking to a few people and they're both really nice, offering suggestions and downing rosé wine (bleh). then this guy walks up to me and leads to me to a staircase and fuck yes! i'm in. mika miko was great, as usual. one thing i noticed at the show was that everyone had great pit manners, probably the best i've seen. the mae shi starts, there's some religious tent revival shit going down, ryan climbs through a window and the bassist unwittingly (or wittingly?) strums his bass while it's on backwards. they put on a great show but i don't think i'll ever be able to shake the feeling that mae shi shows are low key religious events. i don't mean that in a "clapton is god" kind of way, but the energy and the chants and i don't know, everything, smacks of religious devotion. anyway after that we got free soda and went to mara's dorm to deface a "go green!" poster, roll on mara's bed and not eat nachos. then i went home.

i'm not doing it justice but i had an amazing time last night. yeah.


  1. "hangin out, chillin, by yo side"

  2. whoa that was from me not joey

  3. i love how it still isn't clarified but i know it's maggie