06 March 2009

life in hell

day two of jury duty/selection. it sucks. i'm not allowed to talk about the case but that doesn't matter anyway because it's nbd. am i even allowed to say that? whatever. true life: i'm breaking the law.

um but yeahhh i'm on my hour and a half lunch break which is one of the few tight things about this, as well as the fact that jurors get free moca admission. and i get to see lots of previously-thought-to-be-extinct specimen - women in business suits and running shoes - and stereotypes - short jewish lawyers, old guys with thick white moustaches and hawaiian shirt-work boot combos that live in whittier, neck tattoos. it's a learning experience. oh, and i've learned that untoasted bagels are probably the most evil things in existence and that eating one slathered in cream cheese (btw that only makes it worse) WILL result in throwing up. ew.

unrelated, but is it sad that buying a soft pack of camel filters with the original packaging made me inexplicably happy?

and unrelated to the above aside but slightly related to the one above it, on the way to jury duty yesterday i saw a man stick his hand and a basketball out of his sunroof to dribble the basketball on the rest of his roof. i have been seeing the best shit lately. everyday is christmas for my eyes.

edit at 1:52p: no one caressss but i just saw someone reading a roberto bolaƱo novel in public (or at all, really) for the first time. awesome.

edit at 2:19p: NOOOO some guy just recited that tired old winston churchill quote about democracy and then looked at me as if i was supposed to congratulate him. nah. WAIT PEOPLE PAID OTHER PEOPLE TO PERFORM THEIR MILITARY DUTY DURING THE CIVIL WAR?! ohmigawdddd ur brilliant

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