08 February 2009

come on come on

i'm listening to the cheap trick record i borrowed from ron. no one's home so it's loud as hell. it's so good.

i hung out with ron and liana yesterday, which is weird because i don't think it's ever been just the three of us kicking it, and also i haven't hung out with liana in i don't know how long. that was good. i got my souplantation on and created the best salad i've ever made there. i looked for shoes that i guess i'll never find. i went to dinner with ryan afterwards and then we sat at cacao until two in the morning. i met some guy at benito's that wants to name his future daughter london. i have mixed feelings about that.

i feel really weird today. kind of shitty. it's like that line in that allen ginsberg poem - "i'm crying all the time now." i wish i wasn't a fucking geyser. i feel sorry for my friends, but mostly ron because he deals with the bulk of it. i had an awful sleep. i hate feeling like this and being home just listening to records because somehow it depresses me more. and i've got this giant hoodie on that i am seriously considering wearing today, if that's telling in any way. maybe converses too.

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