07 February 2009

april is the cruellest month

i don't know why i'm awake at seven a.m. but i am and i don't like it. my stomach feels kind of bad and it's probably because i consumed a pretty weird combination of things last night, including some late-night bacon that ron so generously prepared for me. so now i'm sitting here with an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and kings of leon stuck in my head, thinking about how yesterday was totally weird but not exactly in a good way. i can't really describe it but there was a random chain of events, some good and some...not so good. oh shit! i just remembered part of my dream! basically ron was reciting from t.s. eliot's "the wasteland" which was really confusing to dream-me because, well, ron? t.s. eliot? poetry? it was really interesting.

hm i just realized that none of this makes sense (probably) but keep in mind that it's too early and i'm kind of hungover, or something.

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