18 January 2009

our way to fall

i woke up really late today, at 1:07 pm, which means i'd been sleeping for almost eleven hours. i feel gross.

last night i went to a gallery opening with ron, lily, jackson, lauren, and bryce. it was a mistake. i don't like going to exhibits with groups of people and i shouldn't have made an exception. that and the trader joe's experience pretty much killed my mood for the rest of the night, even after we set up our picnic (which was held in a church parking lot off mulholland). the valley has never looked more amazing, though.

things i want right now:
$ cheesecake
$ a better mood
$ tuesday
$ candied pecans


  1. what gallery opening? that is random as fuck.

  2. "fairytale of berlin" in culver city. i was going to go with just ron but, um, that didn't happen.