21 January 2009


i need more book space; my books are getting out of control!

speaking of books, i'm going to restart 2666 and try try try to get past volume one. i was straightening up my room and saw the 2666 set i bought - and was really excited to get - and realized that the first book is still sitting on my bedside table, while the other two books/four volumes are as of yet unread. i got halfway through the first volume and and couldn't take it anymore but supposedly it's an amazing book, one of the top novels of 2008 (even though that doesn't mean shit as 2008 wasn't a very good year in literature). the best book i read was violence, of course; i can't stop talking or thinking about it and have been on this half-assed crusade to get all of my friends to read it. so far i got one person to buy it but i doubt he's even reading it so whatever.

today ron and i took the supposed "scenic route" offering "extra views of the san fernando valley" (uh what) down mulholland and discovered that we were probably half a mile from where we were last week. so basically we were in encino and had our eyes assaulted by the homes of the "valley rich" for no reason. what the fuck. however, the fact that much of the wi-fi connections are unlocked is of note (for me, anyway).

since the season finale of mad men my television watching has gone extremely downhill. the only programs i seem to watch anymore are true life (fucking love it), some shitty history channel series about presidents, and random ridiculous-ass snippets of rock of love bus.

i re-discovered this dean martin greatest hits album that my mom got me in ninth grade for some reason and "volare" has been playing in my head for the past few days. i once watched this pretty bad and completely revisionist pbs series about different members of the rat pack and the only thing i remember about the dean martin episode was the claim that during rat pack performances there was usually just apple juice in dean's glass. riiiiiiiiiight.

ug i just ate a bunch (6) of vanilla wafers and i feel fucking sick. goddamn.


  1. ugh. the hills of encino = my dad.

    missin' you.

  2. oh shit, you would appreciate this. so like there was a supplement in the daily bruin today that was basically A $5 + 2 HOURS OF FREE WIFI STARBUCKS GIFT CARD and like every newspaper distribution cubby thing on campus was completely desolated because i guess word got out and people need their free wifi because they dont realize coffee bean has been doing that shit forever. But i'm still gonna get $5 worth of free tea lattes so its all good.

  3. oh fuckkkkk i wish i knew about that shit! their free wi-fi is whatever because i love coffee bean fo' lyfe for the hook up but i am so down for free drank.