17 April 2011

Wait thirty years, & then look out over the earth!

g.g. allin getting his swerve on

something that bummed me out (a new york times article about middle-aged ladies who don't want to have sex with their husbands a.k.a. my future as a woman or so every publication ever likes to tell me [dear god NO]) and something that cheered me up (mark twain's letter to walt whitman in celebration of whitman's 70th birthday and human achievement).

five songs i've been really into lately which all happen to be by ladies/lady-fronted bands:
1. the tammys, "gypsy" (omg the photo for this track, I AM SO SORRY)
2. shannon and the clams, "you will always bring me flowers"
3. marine girls, "tonight?" (impossible to find on youtube, sorry)
4. lil' kim, "queen bitch"
5. the waitresses, "pussy strut"

there's a line in lil' kim's "queen bitch" that i find myself taken aback by whenever i hear it: "got buffoons eatin' my pussy while i watch cartoons." what about when some go-gurt commercial featuring dancing tweens comes on (as it inevitably will)? FUCK NO.

also hey dad if you're reading this please stop

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