16 February 2011

we fought so hard against the small things that we became small ourselves

last night i did some night-biking to barnes & noble to buy theodor adorno's aesthetic theory. i couldn't find it so instead i bought his minima moralia: reflections from damaged life (even though i found the full text of it online last week). i'm excited to start it. what i got from descriptions and some light skimming is that it's basically a debbie downer response to aristotle's nicomachean ethics, which interests me. it seems that all i read anymore is theory, philosophy, and poetry. i didn't do the whole "youthful idealism" thing in high school so i guess i'm doing that now.

speaking of idealism can we take a minute to acknowledge echo park boyz and their fucking byronic hero complexes. i see y'all.

anyway i want this coat:

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  1. People need a better sense in fashion... and this very coat is the first step..