18 January 2011

n.s. no sell out

"huffing lighter fluid"

bryan lewis saunders did some drugs and drew self-portraits while under the influence of said drugs. insert "lololol" here

so some looter stole a statue, some guardia di finanza dudes caught wind of it and caught homeboy loading the statue into a lorry. it turns out that it came from caligula's previously-thought-to-be-lost tomb and now excavations are underway. i'm excited to see what kind of crazy/awesome shit caligula wanted lain to rest with him. maybe that horse?

i've been getting a lot of "i miss you" messages lately which only confirms what's been in the back of my mind: i've been a shitty friend. i've been so wrapped up in what-fucking-ever (adding music to geoff's itunes library, reading poetry magazine, not wearing pants, tumblin', drinking whiskey and water and yelling about movies) that i barely hang out with or talk to a lot of my friends anymore. the other day kurt was talking about his "bubble" and how he does the same things in the same places with the same people, and it made me think about my own "bubble," even though it's really more of a rut. i've been so used to doing the same shit that it's become problematic trying to include other things or people into my routine. not having a phone has obviously made my already poor out-of-sight communication skills worse. i still don't want to get a phone - it's nice not being on call 24/7 - but this selfishness obviously has consequences.

leopard-print trench report: i wore it regularly until the the weather started sucking (read: 80 degrees in january; hell for me, awesome for everyone else) and i had to walk to chinatown from echo park carrying it which upset me so now it's crumpled up on the floor

anyway, barney's is having a fucking 75% off saleeeeeeee

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