31 January 2011

no more naked popcorn

"chick music"

i want everyone to know that i texted in that last post. TECHNOLOGY but also SOCIAL MEDIA REFERENCES.

one surefire way to know that i will dislike someone is when he or she (usually he) says, "i only listen to real hip-hop." often the person will go on to complain about the only good rap is old rap, how commercial and vapid hip-hop is now, and how lil b fucked their bitch, all while i'm trying not to roll my eyes and/or throw my drink in their face like i'm on a vh1 reality show. are you fucking serious? and what the fuck is "real hip-hop?" i've found that these people are either paid dudes festival-attending backpack rap enthusiasts ("i only listen to immortal technique, atmosphere, jedi mind tricks, aesop rock, etc.") or people who don't listen to hip-hop at all except for enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) and whatever biggie songs ratatat remixed. that's some deluded "return to normalcy"-type shit. i guess i just get annoyed with any kind of pining for "the way things used to be." hindsight is supposed to be 20/20 but i think the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia fuck up the acuity of vision in most instances. i'm not saying i don't get caught up in the snarls of nostalgia, because i do - often, in fact - but i always try to remember that however good things "back then" seemed, it probably wasn't all that bomb.

which brings me to my personal lexicon crisis. kurt brought up my usage of the word "bomb" the other day and now whenever i say that something is or is not "bomb" i get self-conscious. do i really say it enough to where it's noticeable? like, if someone was making fun of me would it include frequent usage of the word "bomb?" geoff says yes. i'm feeling very slang 2000 and it's a problem.

brb going to find the raver love of my life but first i'd like to tell you that daytime temperatures have once again dipped below 70 degrees and THIS BITCH is going to comfortably all-black everything the fuck out of this day

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