19 January 2011

the age of innocence, or, being accidentally burnt by cigarettes

it is impossibly bright outside, i low-key love "tea for two," that "bliss" excerpt is kind of my life right now (minus the being thirty part; also i never really want to "run," ever), i've been wondering about who has been "the best communist [leader]" in history thus far and maybe because of this i've also been thinking about reading das kapital (but not in public because attracting fifteen-year-olds is not a good look, and neither is marxism [ohhhhhh]), i'm not really into the whole "coachella" thing (maybe it's because i don't have any denim cut-offs?), i've discovered that i hate showering from noon-6 p.m., and i guess i like basketball but i'm not 100% ready to admit that yet

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