14 December 2010

that's what christmas means to me

i should really be more discerning when it comes to who i become friends with. this was definitely the year of giving people the benefit of the doubt and you know what? that shit did NOT work. that said, this year's bullshit made me realize that i do have some wonderful friends, more than most, and for that i am grateful.

NEWAYZ i'm organizing my itunes library while also making a mix for a ~boy which means sifting through over 100 gigabytes of music, deleting all of max's trance and played out, early-00s hip-hop that i gave up on trying to get rid of the first time around and re-discovering a lot of my high school jams. i'm actually really excited about it - doing a thorough clean-up job means that i'll be able to more easily navigate itunes. it also means that i won't have to explain to someone going through my library that i actually hate u2 and had no idea that there were TWO FULL U2 ALBUMS (what the fucking fuck) on my computer while hastily deleting them.

also can we talk about how google voice is saving my (social) life right now

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