06 December 2010

peace piece

all i want is dishes, big noodle dishes

this weekend was really nice, compared to how weird and kind of fucked up last weekend was. echo park-based, again (also did you know that after a certain hour the 217 bus continues down sunset to downtown? i only have to take one bus to and from echo park now, which is fucking sweet and significantly cuts down on my "sitting in the cold in the middle of the night" time). i hung out with a really cool guy, drank a 40 (it's been a while), talked about books and music, ate healthier meals than i have in probably about a month, talked about my aversion to fitness, slept a lot. that all sounds boring as shit but i swear i had a good time. now i'm home and i'm eating grapes, watching a program on the military channel about wwi, and trying to make sense of what my life has been lately. i feel almost as though things haven't just been "weird," but rather how i've been feeling and what i've been doing is what's in store for the next indefinite amount of time, which is to say that this is just the way things are going to be. i guess this coincides with the fact that i finally feel twenty-one, whatever that means. perhaps it's because i've been doing things that adults do - opting for wine instead of sprite at restaurants, wearing heels, contemplating making my own mozzarella. these are things i've been doing for a while, actually, but now it all feels completely right.

i'm stoked for the "creating a museum collection" ~public engagement (what) at the hammer on the 10th and off!, thee oh sees, nobunny, and white shit at thesex on the 17th. other things too but it's fucking two in the morning and that's what on my mind right now. oh man also dollar dog day at the stand tomorrow, it's been SO LONG.

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