22 December 2010

a bunch of literary links that i posted on my facebook that my friends dgaf about apparently

$ walt whitman's journal and his imaginary conversations with abraham lincoln (this nigga) via the new york times' excellent civil war blog (that you should be reading), disunion
$ the paris review's "art of publishing" interview with robert giroux (i'm such a hypocrite)
$ f. scott fitzgerald died seventy years ago today in los angeles (sup), so here's audio of him reading an edited version of keats' "ode to a nightingale:"

in more low brow news, i discovered that the 7-elevens in my neighborhood still carry 4 loko and this made me inordinately and embarrassingly happy, i am still craving pasta/noodle dishes 24/7, and coolio has a "jugalo" tattoo but i think i was the only one who didn't know about that

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