24 October 2010

so i'm sick. i'm a sickly person and that's just the way it is (things'll never be the saaame). this bout of sickness has been brought on by my poor(er than usual) sleeping habits, mostly on the weekends. i've been substituting "adequate sleep" - which, for as long as i can remember, averages out to about five hours of sleep a night for me - for double shots of espresso and living like that is taking it's fucking toll. i've gone through two and a half boxes of tissue today and i can't taste anything and i buttoned my coat incorrectly earlier which NEVER HAPPENS unless i'm sick. i'm pretty over it but i guess i'll get a lot of reading done. maybe i'll work on i will pull my balls out RIGHT NOW. i probably won't.

also holy fuck halloween in a week, i'm not ready

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