31 August 2010

"i want to see you cry! girls look cute when they cry."

august is over and i can't believe it means i only have a week left to wear those white pants i've been threatening to get all summer. in a month's time i won't be able to wear sparkly t-shirts that are just long enough as dresses, or drink tall cans and eat elote in the grass in echo park, or hang out with people at noon on a tuesday without hearing about someone's midterm or french assignment or something. peach season? forget about it. bah. i shouldn't write the summer's obit just yet - there's technically a little less than a month of it left. i just have a tendency to get sad about things ending before they're even over.

anyway fuck yeah fest ("fyf fest?" ug nope) is this weekend and even though i was pretty down at the beginning of the summer, i think i'll pass this year. i just got back from a musical festival so i'm over crowds of shitty people, being in the sun for twelve hours straight, and overpriced beer - at least for the moment. i'd much rather see chaplin's the great dictator at the silent movie theatre and eat hot dogs and be kiiiiiinda bummed that i'm not seeing washed out.

speaking of festivals, i really need to get the photos i took at rock the bells developed. i've just been so laaaaaazy. waiting around for an hour while photos from one of the best musical experiences of my life to get developed? fuck that!

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