25 July 2010


last night i went to buckwild gallery for cris' art opening. i was actually really impressed by his work - i'd seen some of the paintings in his studio last week, but for some reason they didn't really affect me as much as when i saw them hung. i'm really proud of him. the opening itself was a lot of fun, too - a lot of friends were there, which meant a lot of laughing, a fair amount of drinking, and some dancing to aretha franklin. there was also a girl there who looked a lot like the singing telegram girl from clue and later i yelled, "is that a tween boy?!" in her general direction, which she probably heard. i was louder than usual last night and i'm pretty sure a lot of people heard my drunken remarks about them. one day someone's going to kick my ass and it will be totally deserved.

also i didn't take this photo, i ganked it from facebook

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