04 May 2010

chill sax mix

i tried the double down from kfc yesterday and it was terrible. the slabs of chicken were tough and salty, the cheese didn't melt completely and ended up sliding out and sticking to the wrapper, the bacon didn't even register, and the sauce was way too mayonnaise-y and unevenly distributed. i just wanted to try it, honestly. there was so much talk about it, and i needed to know.

also i was starting to hate the old layout so the old one's back.

things i like
$ drinking beer in the park
$ giving liana's number to guys who hit on me
$ fatburger
$ the cover of tobacco's new album, maniac meat
$ how this month is shapin' up (in ical, at least)

i JUST got this new york times news alert, apparently someone paid $106.5 million last night for this picasso what the helllllllll

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