30 March 2010

no t.v. party tonight

so i'm sitting here, drinking (eating? slurping up?) chicken broth and drinking cranberry juice and i'm fucking miserable. okay actually i'm not fucking miserable - the chicken broth is really, really good and cranberry juice is my favorite juice - but i am pretty unhappy. all i think about is food. i was lying in bed today and i thought, "ooh i want a salad, a really good, iceberg-free, drenched in dressing salad...and delivery pizza, like dominoes...and my mom's spaghetti." who the fuck craves dominoes pizza??? someone who consumes mostly smoothies and can eat a third of every meal set before them, at the most. i miss the fuck out of food. but there's good news - there's nothing seriously wrong with me, and my appetite and ability to eat different foods are slowly but surely returning to normal, which is really exciting because that means i can gain some fucking weight and not feel like i'm going to crack in half if the slightest thing happens. but for now i guess i should make an announcement: DON'T SIT ON ME IT'S NOT CUTE I WILL DIE

anyway i'm really pissed that i'm missing this:

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