03 March 2010

eyes, ears, noses, and stomachs big love-crumbs

i fucking love going on dates. really, seriously, i do. last night max took me out to dinner at anisette, a french brasserie in santa monica. we ate oysters and assorted fruits de mer and steak frites and lavender ice cream with strawberries and creme chantilly. we drank coffee and i spilled pellegrino all over the place and our waiter looked like mac from it's always sunny in philadelphia. everything was delicious and max looked really nice. then we walked around santa monica smoking cigarettes (smd, city law) and talking about old people. at one point we were walking across that grassy divide between the sidewalk and those random paths to benches on ocean avenue and i don't know why but there's something romantic to me about crossing a lawn at night and having your heels slightly stick. i don't know. whatever. confession: i am a lot more romantically-inclined than i care to admit. i like dinner dates and i like when guys light my cigarettes and that yeats poem, "a drinking song" makes me go, "awww" aloud and as you already know being led anywhere by the small of my back makes my heart turn into a million rose-scented bubbles. whatever - the way i are. clothes are also the way i are, so here's some stuff about clothes:

1. i got a leopard-print trench coat
2. sometimes banana republic has good jewelry (right?)
3. i think no pants/all tights march is a go
4. even though i already miss pants :(
5. there's this striped shirt from theory i'm thinking about buying because it's perfect
6. fuck gap shoes but actually low-key i love the gap
7. i have FIVE coats at max's apartment right now. five fucking coats. why the fuck do i have five coats here
8. blumarine spring 2010 is ugly as fuck and it sucks that i have to see their ads in every fashion magazine i look at
9. i still kinda want a velvet shirt
10. things i would buy if i had a bunch of fucking money: this proenza schouler sweater (actually i think it's tie-dye but it looks like a lizard soooooo suck it), missoni bed sheets, leopard-print alexander wang calf-hair and lambskin wedge bootie, chanel hair comb, an oyster farm

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