17 March 2010

boring blog stuff

i've been thinking about some things lately - mostly whether or not i should move this to tumblr. it seems like the smart thing to do - a lot of my friends are there, it's easy to use, my visibility would increase (but who knows if that's a pro or a con, really). it's just super-hard for me to leave blogger, probably because i've used it on-and-off since middle school. i know it's not the best blogging tool ever, but it's what i've used. ug. i have some thinking to do. i just need to remind myself that whatever i do, it's not permanent and i can come back whenever - remember my move to wordpress for two weeks? anyway i'm kind of being a baby about this. i'll give it some thought and if you see a link within the next few days, click it.

1 comment:

  1. can you explaiiiiin to me
    why increased visibility
    why don't i know anything