01 December 2009

a supermarket in california

sour punch straws have become a big part of my diet over the past couple of weeks - fuck, one of the few parts of my diet. the london food pyramid is like this: cigarettes on the bottom, then sour punch straws, then fruit juice, then at the top are poke-in-the-eyes (a piece of bread with a hole cut out of the center and replaced with an egg and cooked in a pan; max makes it for breakfast sometimes). oh fuckkk i just remembered that i wanted to go to yoga today. goddamn it. even though i've (accidentally) been treating my body like a refuse bin lately i still kinda care.

tomorrow max and reggie find out if they got the apartment. i'm so excited that i went to ross a few hours ago. prior to this trip, i hated ross. half of their inventory always seems to be on the floor and having to wade through a sea of drooling, spinning children is not my thing, either. however, they have cheap shit, so i decided to suck it up and go to one recently opened near my house. it was awesome! i stuck to the housewares section so i didn't have to deal with piles of tank tops or kids. the stuff ross carries is incredible - thirty drinking glasses for $14.99! 16-piece dinner set for $15.99! high school musical comforters! woks! ceramic pears! betty boop soap dispensers! ED HARDY WINE GLASSES! they also had some candy but food at bargain stores freak me out.

every time i come to my blog i check out the counter at the bottom and the number always surprises me. who the fuck reads this? i've got ghost followers, i guess. say somethinggg!

okay phillip lim is speaking at lacma tomorrow (thx mara) and i want to get to bed early so i can have time to think about my outfit a little more and, um, not be late. impossible. a tiny list before i go:

gotta buy
$ replacement black leggings
$ ysl parisienne eau de parfum
$ virgin coconut oil


  1. omg we have to go to ross when i get back. but the real question is...do they have wildfire calendars?!

    Invisible readers creep me out (which I guess means that I creep myself out...wait...cause I do...), but London this is just practice for when we have millions of readers and we'll sigh wistfully at all the faces we've never known...while cashing our checks...

  2. dude i been feelin parisienne too. i think we have the same nose