06 October 2009

between your ear and the other ear

$ younger than jesus published by steidl for the new museum
$ the book of genesis: illustrated by r. crumb
$ the best american comics 2009 edited by charles burns

so far: younger than jesus (the companion book to the new museum's exhibit of the same name, wherein all artists exhibited were born in or after 1975) is really interesting, i haven't started the book of genesis yet, and i don't understand why i even buy the best american comics year after year.

speaking of, ucla is going crumb-crazy over the next month, apparently: "the bible illuminated: r. crumb's book of genesis" exhibit opens at the hammer on the 24th, r. crumb speaks at royce hall on the 29th, and the hammer screens crumb on november 3rd. i'm currently undecided as to whether this is a good thing.

also, the louvre is getting a mcdonald's.

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