15 September 2009

i could be sleeping

today i consolidated my wardrobe - getting rid of two chests of drawers and most of their contents - so i could fit my new bookcase/shelving unit in my room. it's no big deal - i've been meaning to get rid of a lot of clothes and the bookcase provided me with a reason to. i also found the copy of notes from the underground + the grand inquisitor that i've been looking for for the past two years.

a pretty boring weekend has become a pretty boring week. nothing's going on so i don't have anything to post about - just baking and new bookshelves and falling asleep on people's couches and maxfield being home and brian going back to the army and not being in the mood to drink and everyone doing xanax and car accidents and lots of salad and listening to a lot of nobunny and preparing for cold weather, whenever the fuck it decides to get here.

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