05 September 2009

some shows and shit

$ os mutantes at amoeba, 8 sept
$ flying lotus, daedelus, gaslamp killer, post-foetus at the henry fonda, 12 sept
$ vivian girls, lucky dragons at the smell, 13 sept
$ teenage jesus & the jerks, mika miko, urinals, lamps at the el rey, 7 oct
$ part-time punks festival at the echo, 11 sept
$ wavves at the echoplex, 17 oct
$ broadcast, atlas sound at the troubadour, 4 nov

fuck yeah fest is today. i've been waiting all month and now i'm not even as excited as i was before. i just realized that i've seen almost every band that i was going there to see (and in quite a few cases, seen them several times). it should be fun anyway.

i'm fucking hungry. i would love a belgian waffle right now or anything breakfasty. i've been truly slacking in the breakfast department and i miss it.

anyway i'm going to stop boring the internet and go look for my other soma and listen to guided by voices until hunger outweighs my laziness

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