10 August 2009

no hope kids

"nor again must we in all matters alike demand an explanation of the reason why things are what they are; in some cases it is enough if the fact that they are so is satisfactorily established."
little-known fact: i have always kept a notebook of some kind. i love writing things down. they're usually some combination of girlish diary squealings, drawings (read: stick figures), and passages from works i like. i like going through them every once in a while to remind myself of queer i was and how life is twenty million times better now. i re-discovered that quote this morning in a composition notebook from 11th and 12th grades and i've been thinking about it ever since. also lol at reading aristotle in high school. to put that into perspective, i was reading about ethics while ditching french class, smoking weed, and illegally driving cars full of kids to cafe brazil. fucking hilarious.

also, i bought a pamphlet of william butler yeats' poetry - the wild swans at coole - and there are so many fucking typos. it's kind of appalling. i'm pretty sure wby would be pissed.

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