11 June 2009

the immaculate inspection

i just realized that since i started dating cheyne i've eaten less red meat than i usually do (not counting the birthday bloodbath). kinda lame, definitely eating a burger for lunch tomorrow/later today. AND WUT

oh my god i'm watching how clean is your house? on bbc america and they're in the valley! that sucks. i kind of dislike the episodes where they clean american houses because they don't tend to be as throw-up-in-your-mouth-a-little filthy as the british homes. whoa oddly personal blurb from terita, whose house is being cleaned: "i drink to make myself happier!" damn.

i haven't been going to yoga as much as i used to. i miss it.

okay i need to get to bed; i've got shit to do tomorrow and i don't want to be anymore tired than i know i already will be.

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