07 June 2009

"i think it's because you have a really big butt."

yesterday cheyne and i went to abbot's pizza co. and walked around venice for a bit until we stumbled upon "carnevale" which was basically a few people in costume and a bunch of people not in costume standing around waiting for something to happen. then i kiiiiiind of watched jackie brown, drank a monkey spanker, and listened as cheyne gave me an introductory lecture on 4chan.

right now i'm trying to figure out what kind of wine to get for dinner which is kind of hard when you don't know what's being prepared beyond chicken and (i guess?) pasta. there are so many factors that are involved with picking out the right wine. how sweet is the dish? how is it prepared? what region? is there a sauce? is it cream or tomato-based? ugggg fuck a wine

anyway i think i might buy a new dress today.

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