30 June 2009

here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

today i woke up with my second hangover ever. i went to bed at about four thirty in the morning, woke up several times (needing water, pulling the comforter from cheyne, going to the bathroom twenty million times), and then had to wake up at about nine forty-five so cheyne could take me home before he went to his internship. basically i spent the day in my darkened room drinking water and juice while watching barefoot contessa. fuck hangovers. the last one i had was spent in a messy, hot, bright dorm room where there was also nothing to drink. hellish. anyway i did get to see lily today! she's post-sinus surgery so she's got these tampons (pretty much) stuck up her nose and wears gauze over her entire nose which sort of makes her look like a bunny. she's in some pain buttttt i think the surgery was a success! she can smell better now, even with tampons in her nose, so that's a good sign. i'm glad it finally happened because her doctor's been dicking her around about her sinus problems for quite some time now.

i'm going to bed soon. there's some hangover residue still lingering about i guess. plus i'm wearing this hoodie that smells like he was drenched in perfume and it's making my throat itch but is also making me sleeeeeeeeeepy.

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