15 June 2009

fuck a ceviche

"sometimes i like to think less is more." - paula deen


so i had a good weekend; triple-date with cheyne, his best friend shawn, his fiancée k-de, shawn's cousin and her husband. we went to dinner and bowling. i fucking sucked at bowling but i had a really good time. shawn & k-de are hilarious and i'm actually really down to see their baby. on sunday cheyne, jackson, jackson's dad, and i watched the lakers win the 2009 nba championship, eating peanuts & popcorn, drinking red stripe. i had a great time hanging out but the game itself wasn't that great; the magic just sort of gave up in the second half. it was a boring win. afterwards cheyne, jackson, and i went to pizza mania and split an extra-large pizza, which was actually pretty fucking good. i've been super-hesitant to try it because i feared it would taste like cicero's 2-for-1 (which is also really close to me and blows). but anyway: there's finally a good, cheap pizza place in my area. so down.

i'm excited for this week: lacma tomorrow, david sedaris book signing at barnes & noble on wednesday, both lily's long-awaited sinus surgery and jackson's graduation on thursday, and something on friday that i've currently forgotten.

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